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January 09, 2021
"For the most part meals have been very…"
For the most part meals have been very good. Some a little spicy but have learned to add less spice. Only complaint is Green Beans don't ever seem to be that FRESH!
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December 09, 2020
"Happy and "distance learning" Home Econ!"
We have been very pleased with all the meals so far. My 15 year old son does not get home economics in school even if in-school so this is a great opportunity for him to get excited about trying a new meal, learning a few techniques and understanding ingredients that are great together. He is interested in choosing the menu for the following week and it's an opportunity for us to bond over preparing food together (when he is not in front of the Xbox). I work from home, often long hours, so we have had a lot of processed food this year. Hello Fresh is a nice change!
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November 13, 2020
"Great food"
It is fresh and timely. It's a little pricey but I like the instructions and cooking tips that come with each meal. My sister sent me a free week. I ordered one more week by "accident". It wasn't exactly what I would have chosen but was still pleasantly surprised.
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After reading your reviews on hellofresh. i would have been a first time buyer. but unfortunately i do appreciate good customer service. since i was in customer service for 17 yrs. so that being said. why is your customer service rated so badly? nancy

August 01, 2020

“They use very unreliable delivery service and miss 2 out of 3 deliveries and you can't get through on their customer service number to get a refund. They put you on hold and you listen to music until you hang up. They never answer. Try them but good luck getting your money back when they don't show up.”


I just got an email stating my order had been shipped. i have not ordered anything beyond the first week. how can this be?


Interested in applying for a career with this company. how much do they pay and is it worth pursuing a position in the future ??


We have subscribed to this service and so far it is just ok, my question is where are the meat products processed and from what state/city country.


I have an account with hello fresh but received a gift card. can i use the gift card? i don't find a way to do it.

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